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Being back on track

Hello people, I'm back... online, that is ! Missed me, have y'all ?

Vienna is incredible and I have so much to say, but that will be for when it's not 6 in the morning. I only just managed to connect my Internet (a true, thrilling story) and I have so much to catch up with.

So hopefully, more to come soon. But I can already say that I love it here. He he.

Take care people, stay on, stay on !


Being going away

This is my last post from my dear homecity of Paris for now.

I'm going away tomorrow... To my new place of residence, i.e. Vienna, Austria. That's where I'm going to go to university from now on. And I shouldn't return before the end of the academic year in June.

So... be well, folks. I might be off a few days (but don't worry, they're really not a prehistoric country, they do have wireless Internet accesses !), which doesn't change anything since I hardly post in here !


Being flooded

Here is the lovely message that welcomed my return after a well-earned Easter week-end in my country house :

You have 114453 new messages.

Damnit ! Popularity can be such a burden.


Being a walk-man (revisited)

Hello people who I don't doubt are reading this even if I seem to never post !

Today was the second really nice and warm (nearly) day we had for a while, so after our lecture my friends and I decided to go pick up food, and to walk a bit around to enjoy the sun. And by chance I had my digicam with me, so I got to take a few pictures and I made another page out of it !

Here's the link !

I hope you will enjoy them.
The trip is mainly focused on the River Seine Banks. There are some pics I really like, by the way :)

Any comments appreciated as usual.

Enjoy !

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Being a walk-man !

Long time since I last posted in here, huh ?

Well, long ago, I promised un-touristic-style pictures. I had the occasion yesterday and I made a page out of it.

Pictures taken along the way during a walk between Central Paris (around the City Hall) and through the Second arrondissement.

I took pictures on the fly, which are, as I was saying, un-touristic. So I hope you will enjoy the pics and comments I added !

PS 1 : I will make a design so the page is easier to read/more enjoyable.

PS 2 : Pics 25 and 27 *don't* exist, they're not failing to load.

Enjoy !

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Apart from that, I'm fine. Things are pretty much of a routine. That's about all I've got to say for the beginning of 2007 ;)
All our attention is focused on the electoral campaign which turns out to be pretty dirty... but I trust that the next president isn't going to be a megalomaniac small man.

Being a pirate !

I thought it was a good moment to empty my "LJ Stuff to post" file again. Most of the time when I take a quizz I save the results into that file, and once every few months I remember to post the stuff it has in.

I don't always remember who I took a quizz from, so you'll excuse me for not crediting them.

A hidden bunch of tests !Réduire )


I shan't be paid for this

Hello folks. I thought I would add a little update since I can't sleep and I'm kept busy by discussions with friends.

My life seems so flat that I spend much more time sleeping than being awake. And if I'd listen to myself I wouldn't ever wake up. How sad is that.

Hum... Other than that, I'm trying to summon the energy to start on a healthier note. That should probably start with stopping going to bed at 4+ am... But I have so few classes at university :/

Oh a happier note, I've been working a lot on Peter's manager project, and I'm up to the point where it's going to switch to Beta. I'm happy I managed to get the cron jobs up and running smoothly ! It's the first time for years that one of my web project is actually going to be used by random, unknown people. While my tests have been successful, I'm afraid they might not find the system easy to use, or buggy, etc... Guess that's my paranoia again, huh ?

The Kiweo project is going well, perhaps a little bit less than we hoped but now that I'm done with the manager I should get closer to an admin position and perhaps even extend from conception to actual coding. There are still loads to do ! but it's a really interesting project on all levels and I'm excited about it.

Also I'm starting to be totally fed up at that stupid idiotic (yet, from what I heard, interesting... huh...) Pay-per-post thing. (Nenya, ne te sens pas particulièrement visée sur ce point, hein ?). And not only on Livejournal (there is actually only one person in my friends page who uses that). I don't give a damn about whatever these posts are about because when I go read a blog, it's to read about its author's experience, not for some hypocrit entry about something they most of the time haven't even used themselves anyway.
Furthermore, those people have taken to write loads of small entries, which also just fill up your (their) space. All of them within a short time. Why posting on four entries what you can post on just one ? That looks like flood to me. I don't like it.

We're living in a dictatorship and money runs it. (That's no news, unfortunately.)

That was today's rant. So long, and mind the step when you get out of here.


Being grown-up

So I went to London on Halloween day. I'll post more about that, because I wrote in my green book quite a fair number of details about the day (and by the way, it's not easy to write when the train will shake you around every now and then).

I had promised my sister to take her the next time I'd travel, so I did that, and off we went at 6 in the morning at Paris-Nord Station waiting for the check-in to open, in the middle of a fairly long line of people.
I'm always amused at the UK Immigration point, because the "EU Citizens" line goes so fast (they just check passports) and the "Non-EU Citizens" line goes so much slower. Gotta love the EU !
But then it was a bit short because the train was leaving at 6:22.
Then we got an extra 2 hours and a half to sleep before we made it to London.
I'll go quickly through this then, don't need you to fall asleep just now. If you want the full story well just ask for it, or wait till I actually type it in ;)

So Sister and I arrived at Waterloo International just before 8:00 am local time. So a breakfast was needed but as we were there I thought we ought to have a look at Big Ben, since it's so close. So we crossed that narrow street at the foot of the station, up the bridge then down the stairs and through the park to the open area at the bottom of the London Eye. As we were there, we saw people running towards us and there were cops among them (recognizable at their bright yellow reflecting outfit). Wondering what was happening, we quickly backed away to avoid the running people. It turned out it actually was a filming and all those people were stunts. They pretty much used whoever was around, so we played the stunts and now we've got to watch every single british series to find out what one it was ;)
Only problem, we couldn't cross the platform to get to Westminster Bridge, so we had to go the other way. Crossed River Thames at the next bridge, and up to Trafalgar we went. There we got some breakfast, and also a bit of heat, because it was a very sunny day but the banks were extremely windy and the cold was biting our ears.

After that, we had to meet David who'd said he'd be at our meeting point around 10:20. The meeting point I'd called for was a pub located behind Leicester Square, at the cross between Leicester Street and Lisle Street, a pub called the Hog's Head.
Well David texted he was running late, so we sat a bit in the sun in the park on Leicester Square, then went to find... that the pub was gone anyway. Replaced by another one called the Crooked Surgeon (what's it with all those weird names for pubs anyway), which happened to be closed. Baaah.
When our juicy-sweet friend arrived, it was already time to go pick up Sara at Victoria Coach Station, but her coach was actually running late as well so in fact everybody was late. Everyone finally met up in the middle of the street.
Off to go for a drink, but when I asked who was knowing London best, they said it was me ! Which really doesn't make sense, because I'd only been there once, but since Sara had only been there twice, that was hardly better, was it ?

Off we went towards wherever looked a more crowded place. At last we decided to get lunch instead, and so David told us about a pub he knew. We were around Lambeth at that moment, so up we went to Lambeth Bridge and back to Westminster and the filming ;), but it so happened that David can't estimate a distance right and his pub was located on Blackfriars Bridge, which is really way further than we expected. Sister and I were starting to be tired, because for our bodies it was 1 hour later (because of the timezone difference) and we had woken up so early. But we finally managed to get there and have nice yummy chips (and fish, of course).

After that nice stop in a WARM place for a change, I decided that Sister wasn't to have been in London and NOT have seen Tower Bridge and I was sure she'd like the Tower of London anyway (she usually likes medieval and possibly blood related stuff), we crossed Blackfriars Brigde and went down to the Tube, which was actually pretty crowded.
After a moment at Tower Bridge, it was time to go to Harrod's, because well it's nice to be seen as well, even though there's little chance you can afford to buy anything in there lol...
Back out it was tea time, so we entered the first place where to get something, which happened to be a Starbucks Coffee house - from what I remember, on Brompton Road opposite of Hans Crescent, not far from the crossroads with Knightsbridge Road and Sloane Street, but from their website & Google Maps, it looks like it doesn't exist... So huh...)

Then back to Waterloo, it was time to check in. I got duty-free food for the train and off we were in a rather crowded train which actually looked more like a pic-nic area at first, lol !

So that was it. Nice day, I have to say. I was really looking forward to seeing David and Sara as well and it's always nice to be moving around for a change ! Juicy-sweet day !

Also, I was really proud of my English talking, which has improved a lot over the past year. Sara said she was surprised because I hadn't got the French accent she was expecting :D but, it seems I still sound a bit German, which I've always been told throughout my schooltime english classes... and all this even though my voice was half-gone from being sick lol...

Then on Wednesday, I added one unit to my Age Counter. Got an awesome-looking book from Frikki and Freyja, it came all the way from Iceland in a nice envelope :) Also got a few cards, more books from my parents, and a number of gadgets such as a new home for my cellphone - the previous one was like 8 year old, and all ruined from being carried around so much lol...



Being a bunch of nonsense

I guess it's time for a bit of an update, even if hardly anyone still reads this, even if it's hardly interesting at all, etc. I'll make sure never to write my memoires, unless I want to make the biggest crash in the whole history of literature.

So where were we.

Ah yes, university, of course. Well. My situation was going to be sorted when it turned out that the history department hadn't got the right to register me as a final exam student in political science - which they did, because of all the shit of last year's and I registered off-delay. Anyway, nobody ever noticed, and so the second session jury invalidated one of my political science marks.

So now, I'm stuck in third year and I only have one bloody subject to take. With the old system I could've graduated and taken it as a debt, but with the latest reform - the same one as that which introduced the european standard LMD system - you can no longer do that. I could probably negociate with the pedagogic responsible for the master 1, but he wasn't keen on force that, and the office absolutely refused to consider it. Bloody fuckers. I can't even take the M1 subjects as credits. I planned to get them as a free attendant, but that doesn't allow me for exams, so it'd be near to useless. Except, of course, if I decide I've got enough and go seek fortune elsewhere instead.

At least, I could register at all, because the website was blocked until friday, the second session results hadn't been validated. Fuckers, I told you. Making all they can to disgust people and clear out the area - the price to pay for too crowded free universities, I expect. It's still no excuses.

In one word, I'm rather disgusted not to mention angry because I did everything I could to precisely avoid that.
I am to go back to the office on Monday, which will be my last chance to sort it out without too much damage.


Other than that, I'm still working on that apathy thing. I force myself to walk rather than to take the bus/métro for short distances (less than 3 métro stations = around 1,5 km), I force myself to take the stairs rather than to use escalators, etc... I still feel tired, which I blame on going to bed too late at night, that's probably true, though. But night time is when I work best.

On the work side, I've got the ADAG website and its webshop (codename Nex B) finished at last, there are only details to finalize now, but the banking thing is totally done and worky. Woot.
Also, I've been doing an outstanding (for me, that is) work on Peter's admin panel project (codename Nex A "TOD"), and I'm rather pleased with my work, something I haven't been for ages. That's encouraging.
Nex hasn't moved at all, but all the work on TOD and on Nex B will help it to greatly improve, so it's all good :)

Anyway, that's about it now. Hopefully I'll get a not too abnormal university year, and that'll help things settle.

I'm going to London on the 31st of October - got bargain tickets (50 euros round trip) earlier in september, I thought I'd buy them even though I'm short on money. My father actually paid them. I need a day off somewhere else, I suppose.

That's it for now, I'll get back here if I have something else to say...

Being in the need for a break

A little change of decoration for a new academic year...

Or well. September has come with its lot of problems, I should be used to it by now. This year, it's a change of value in the credit system that occured earlier last year, and that wasn't properly done. In short, the values have only been changed for those taking full subjects, but not for those, like me, taking final exams. As a result, while I algebraically validated my year, I'm lacking 3 credits so that caused my info to be marked as error.
This is why I couldn't register online for the new year...
Been in touch with the responsible for the Masters I intended to start, to know if I could still register and if needed, take an extra subject (called a "debt") to fill in the hole, because I think having a year to do with only one or two subjects would be a waste of time.

It really looks like it's not going to work that easy... but whatever.

I got my new laptop, too, remember I posted about it ? Well I got it for 840 euros, bargain !
And he's what's in the little beauty :
- an Intel Core Duo processor, 2x1,83 GHz !
- 1024 MB of RAM !
- A nice big fat 120 GB drive !
- A cool 15,4 inches screen,
- Decent graphic card and sound card too,
- A standard CD-DVD-R-RW combo drive,
- A memory card reader (I had no idea there was one when I ordered it, lol)
- And all the usual wifi/ethernet/modem connections...
- Running Windows XP Media Center (rather than Home), which I decided to try before switching it to Linux.

Pretty nice, huh ?

This past year, I've been pretty apathetic. Sort of. Except for the CPE period, I've been mostly quiet, and not precisely energetic. I had little to say to people, unless they started a subject. My phone counter has dropped from fifteen hours a month down to about two hours a month, in spite of having my best friends as infinite (= unlimited calls, text messages, media messages and visio) numbers. I hardly went out, either. Just never really felt like it (aside, of course, from having no money to spend).
While I still assume it may be different if I actually had a bloody idea of what I want to do next/later, I just lack motivation and energy. I even have difficulty to process with my web projects.
What makes it bad, though, is that I have no idea how it started. I know it was around October last year. And most probably around the time I started to think about going to Canada, although I'm not sure if that actually was before of after. I can't think of any event that may have caused that, though.

I feel like I miss stuff, to. I miss being chatty. I miss playing the piano. I miss speaking German. I miss travelling around to see my friends.
I feel like I need a break. I need to go away from here for a little while, perhaps a few weeks, or maybe even not much so.

I think my next trip should be to Germany. Whenever I hear German, I feel like speaking it - actually speaking, that is, not just writing. Nothing's worth a trip to Germany from that. I'll try to get Thalys tickets and possibly hosting to go to Cologne around christmas - it's a bloody nice place to be around christmas for sure.

Okay, it's about all I had to say, so here we go.

Stay around in case there should be much ! :)